- Know the enemy

The major political parties are engaged in treason, selling us out, economic, cultural and industrial genocide, debt, slavery and total dysfunction. They despise independence, freedom, good ethical morality, true values, real families, private enterprise, and national sovereignty, it seems they are sworn to destroy it.

It is obvious to many Canadians that there are ethically challenged agents in government without a conscience or integrity to put Canada and Canadians first.

Endless focus on allegiance to the middle class, who they wish to destroy by doing immense damage through trade deals and catering to lobby groups and corporations who are not citizens, while forgetting about equality for all real Canadians.

Do you ever hear about Made in Canada? Or about the Bank of Canada problem? Compound interest on the debt? Or, how about unfunded liabilities? Certainly, “We have no money...”

Ignoring people with great ideas, censoring open conversation, criticism, critical analysis or bold and simple logic is unacceptable, just as perpetual distraction, excuses or procrastination, avoidance, the silent treatment etc are also completely unacceptable.

It is remarkable how a political party that claims and promotes one thing, but does not follow up with real tangible Action, and produce the results, where the real position, the ultimate position, the heart and soul integrity is self evident.

Since we discover that in our individual experiences, there are people we can’t trust to deliver the results, we need to do things on our own and with those people aligned with our values, dedication, integrity and focus to express what really matters the most, to spare no expense in the effort, regardless of the magnitude of the project, the urgency of the situation, the challenges that to exist or may be encountered in the future.

Determination and resolution are perhaps some of the most incredible and powerful elements in an arsenal that can be deployed against an enemy with persistent action, as with advanced persistent threats exist in every war vector scenario, not just cyberspace.

More government and corporated sociapathic sponsored crime, treason and genocide is a work in the forest due to microwave towers and logging practice in addition to the city and small towns almost everywhere. Microwave technology is actually a bio-weapond of mass destruction and is a genocide machine.

People without a conscience are extremely predictable although the degree of destructive innovation can be mind boggling to say the least, this is mainly to the liberalism and globalism mind virus which is basically incorrigible.

Who knows, it is possible that those who project intense energy, in a moment of frozen time, suddenly realize that they have super powers, in one form or another, they might discover it in a dream, or when the wake up tomorrow or in their next encounter with the enemy they face, seen or unseen, to test once again their character, determination and resolution. Amazing things can happen, awesome things...movies are nothing, real life on the battlefield is where the action is, the battlefield is everywhere...

Law and Order