The Prime Minister and Members of Parliament are engaged in genocide and treason.
The transfer of constitutional powers is simply un-constitutional, illegal, immoral and unethical.

For those under a governing jurisdiction, such as Quebec, you will notice in the British North America Act, that such provisions are also non existent. Read it for your self.

In fact if your read section 91 and 92 of the Constitution, along with the rest of it, you will find no provisions that would end or endanger nation state sovereignty.

If you look at the original idea and start of Confederation, you will find no provisions for such genocide and treason.

In fact, in Confederation you will find no provision, mandate or authority to have such massive and obscene immigration policies that seriously affect the demographic mix of Canada and Confederation era vision. We need to look after Veterans before incompatible immigrants, who are trained to decapitate Christians and Catholics and anyone else not conforming to their rules.

The proposed changes to the Immigration and Citizenship Act are also genocidal and treasonous. There is no provision for parallel, superior or other governments, including governments masquerading as religion, such as Islam/Muslim, that combines civil and religious code, a government, and why proponents of Sharia law want to be exempt from all Canadian Law. Even the former Honourable Pierre Elliot Trudeau had that understanding.

This is also a national security risk for the United Kingdom, and treason towards the Queen, and breech of public trust, political nation state genocide, industrial genocide, defrauding Canadians of their rightful future and opportunities today as well as the future. Having unelected super-imposed law is brain damaged, look at what happened in Europe.

Why do you think the Brexit was necessary? Fundamentally, the end of nation state sovereignty is an extremely bad idea, it is genocide and treason. Even the British recognised the war against “whitey”.You would have to be demon possessed and suicidal to do any of that extreme genocide and treason. Obviously unfit to govern with no sense of basic loyalty or understanding of representing and service to the people, the citizens, the nation state, not lobby groups, not transnationals, not endless globalist tyranny.

For all the Liberal arrogance of being more modern, with all these women, languages, ethnicity and so on, so called diversity, it is self evident that they do not have basic loyalty or any decent sense of intelligent patriotism, nationalism or pro Canada. Are the all people engaged in genocide and treason? Or just most of them? They don't understand the Bank of Canada either, not even basic economics and sovereign nation state M1 money, no idea about producing what you need and exporting a surplus, they never ever promote or say Made in Canada or Product of Canada, right?

Why is pro genocide and pro treason so acceptable? The new world order of spy and crime, genocide and treason, the end of the nation state sovereignty. Evidently dysfunctional characteristics such as genocide and treason can be passed on and infecting those in the surrounding environment.

So now, turn the page...
The solution is simple:
A cease and desist order, a multiple class action lawsuit personally and collectively, this includes up to the Governor General of Canada.

If you can’t recognise basic genocide and treason, how will you recognise more advanced, covert genocide and treason.

If you can’t read and understand the Constitution, you should not be there in government.

If you are acting against the Constitution, and doing things not authorised, you are dictating.

That is not a democracy, not even a parliamentary democracy.

If everyone or anyone in Parliament votes for such genocide and treason, that is not authorised.

Furthermore, in terms of a global notice, any agreements signed by foreign government will be null and void, illegal, you will be subject to conspiracy to defraud, engaging in genocide and treason, and acts of war.

Acts of war, including any and all acts of war, whether declared or not, will have ramifications, that is cause and effect.

Anyone contemplating such agreements, is contemplating genocide and war and is engaged in those activities, they are unfit to govern in the smallest things, with a fundamental deficiency in character, understanding or faculties of trust to discharge duty ethically for Canada and Canadians.

Dispute mechanisms and tribunals and all that illegal, unconstitutional, unethical actions also needs to be eliminated. This is not much different that Investor State dispute mechanisms and out of court settlements, undisclosed to the public, as it constitutes a fraudulent public raid, theft, expropriation, alienation, fraud and is completely contrary to peace, order and good government.

Finally, we resort to a higher power and authority, so help us God, to the Queen. Why would the Queen tolerate such insubordination, such genocide and treason, such an amplified threat to the national security of the UK, and the corresponding Commonwealth Nations. Yes, can you believe the Queen reads

We understand Commonwealth, we don’t need common poverty, endless debt and slavery, a defrauded future of opportunity, just as the UK does not.

We do not need globalist corporate tyranny, or the juvenile delinquents with no sense of right and wrong, no concept of wise or unwise, we do not need so called citizens masquerading as honourable MPs, when in reality they practice, crime, fraud, genocide and treason, they act and conduct themselves like sociopaths, as they have not grief, sadness or regrets for what they do, they are incorrigible.

They can change their tune and course of actions, they can resign, or they can face the consequences of their crimes.

Obviously, there are some incredibly dynamic and relevant people and their endeavours that understands nation state integrity and go to considerable lengths to express those positions and vast knowledge, research and expertise on the subject of which I am eternally appreciative for.

Download CETA_&_TPP.pdf