- Electoral District Association - Canada Federal and Provincial

This is a noble and courageous task. We need a national renaissance in all levels of government.

Incredible things have gone on and are going on, that are anti-Canadian, they are against freedom, prosperity and life itself. Crime, fraud, genocide and treason most end. This will take good people with true values and solid character to fix and undo the damage that has and is being done and transform consciousness into a much more civilized pro-Canada place, based on Canadian values.

We need people at all levels of government to make valuable contributions in their community and EDA, we need people to join, to become Candidates, people to support and promote those Candidates and make any difference they possibly can. Some people in political parties and even in government do not really know and understand what has been going on, and is going on now and the direction that things are heading in. Awareness, perspective, perception and point of view is essential to make better quality decision, we hope the pro-active endeavour can make a significant difference on the way to victory. Sometimes “just a little bit” makes all the difference in the world in a particular campaign...

We have many national security emergency situation right now that need dedicated people that can answer to the call...”O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.”

more en route