- Economic Problems

The super-imposed big picture problems...
As a reminder, we are not the sum of our mistakes, and knowing that the system has been engineered against the individual, the family, the entrepreneur, the enterprise, the community, the industry and the country, with electronic debt money creation, this is a massive problem.

Trade deals, economic industrial warfare, currency warfare, and all the credit bureau problems, inaccuracies and things impossible to fix, including hacked credit bureaus and foreign controlled credit bureaus, general and “chronic” insolvency, due to not enough real money in the system is also another major problem, in addition to identity theft, simultaneous, covert and not so covert forms of discrimination, “risk profiles” and excessive and unwarranted costs or premiums for many things.

The electronic debt and credit money creation and control has caused magnitudes of problems, poverty, debt, national and individual enforced state of being defrauded, denied, degenerated, devitalized, discriminated against, in addition to lost opportunity, reduced capacity, while amplifying states of hopelessness, despair, dejection, depression, drug use, malnutrition and other unhealthy states or environments of being, frustration, anger, rage, bitterness, hostility, division, mistrust and includes increased criminal or unethical thoughts and actions just to survive, instead of creating an exciting, challenging and rewarding quality of life that is possible and can be had by individual freedom and power of choice with relevant options, which can be further enabled, augmented and amplified.

The massive industrial warfare of globalism against the nation state (and corresponding attack of integrity of nation state sovereignty, self sufficiency that includes endeavour-ability and response-ability, that also translates to the individual) from stuff and junk that is primarily made somewhere else, (look at the label) and the crime, genocide and treason of people in government, that has in fact liquidated entire industries, as in poof, all gone, wiped off the map and actual territory. This is totally tragic beyond measure and a crime of vast proportions, as Canada, is one of the very few countries in the world that can be completely self sufficient, sabotaged by hate, design, insanity and stupidity, not to mention jealousy and control freak people, by people totally unfit for government and making decisions in the smallest things, not to mention national industrial, economic, defence security, enterprise development or an environment conducive to the health of people.

So now, every possible counter measure and strategic, tactical and operational advantage that can be deployed to the advantage is infinitely or die, the status quo or something awesome, a life without limitations, prosperity or poverty, opportunity or no opportunity, challenge and reward or a boring life in the rut with no way out. Make no mistake about the illusion of prosperity and wealth that comes from massive debt or from unethical means, such as the super-imposed liberalism enforced system of corrupt culture will not last.

In case you did not notice, the major economic problems exist because of character deficiencies, sociopathic people, engaged in crime, treason and genocide, where there is no allegiance to Canada, or to the integrity of the nation state or a basic idea about nation building, essential integrity or capacity, economic problems are automatic. As a result, people, enterprise, industries and communities suffer as a consequence...there is no consequence free something for nothing.

What can be done to rectify these problems caused by incorrigible people? The individual requires moral courage to go forward bravely, courageously, with duty, valour, tenacity, resourcefulness, vision, energy, dedication and focus for starters. Working with others of like mind certainly helps. This will require an new political organization based on the real peace, order and good government of the essential and only legal Confederation of 1867.