Modern Society

We have been and are confronted daily with crime, genocide and treason in government, fascist liberal newspapers, corrupt and immoral television and news media agendas, and endless "opinion pieces" that is anti-Canadian, anti-family, anti-industry, anti-free enterprise, anti-nationalist, anti-freedom of speech, anti-white, anti-straight white, anti-founding people, anti-nation state, they are pro globalism and corporate socialism, they are cultural marxists and completely against the individual unless of course it is someone that conforms to their "ideal citizen". To say anything against it is a hate crime, based on an illegal law dictated by tyrannical bitter, resentful and hateful oppressors, enforced by corrupt people who have the crime, genocide and treason as their greatest badge of honour.

Whitey is branded, whitey is privileged (a hard working inventive and disciplined super achiever) whitey pioneered and built the country. In fact whitey is so priviledged, only whitey can be racist, nobody else qualifies. Great, whitey is confronted with wide open race proxy warfare. For all others, including the fascist liberal, which can invade, infiltrate. subvert and corrupt any society or individual without spiritual self defence capabilities, life is oppressive and humiliating, talk about self esteem issues with their jealous rage, intense hate, demon possessed, uncivilized bad attitude people, (with serious incompetence of moral character, civilized ethics and communication faculties that wage war against the individual and creative imagination and anyone with any degree of reasoning power, critical analysis, logic or freedom of thought, who are generally censored, ignored or totally disqualified due to their strategic, operation, tactical, moral, intellectual and spiritual advantage etc.), they are dangerous tools under deceptive and destructive mind control elements engaged in tyrrany, subversion, full of lies, deceit, intolerance, contempt, jealousy and hate for anything good, loaded with hypocrisy, arrogance and insolence, bitterness, resentment and hostility, the reality of Satan anti-Christian corrosion at work. The relentless battle of good and evil…

Look at the white treason against white people, socialist, communist, liberalism, all that brain damage mind control, who we can have no pity on, with their open warfare. Like wow, let us recognize liberal fascist and cultural marxist media, and "educational institution" hate groups, like universities, colleges, schools, and other tools of the devil, the synagogue of Satan and everything else that is involved in crime, treason, genocide and war against whitey, in particular, the founding people of Canada, the real Canadians, the real British, Scottish, Irish, the real French, the real Americans (once upon a time about 80% British heritage), in fact those against the Aryans with moral competence, ethics, civilized and spiritual components…who can actually unite with and for permanent victory.

We do not need to listen one second to stupid lazy people accusing us of white privilege, or being a white supremacist, or other endless criticisms, reasons and excuses why we should not build something, do something or have something. Anyone that knows anything, knows about the anti-nation state agenda, the anti-individual agenda, that is promoted by the liberal fascist media, "the prince of the power of the air", the architects of the super imposed garbage culture along with the reduction and elimination of anything and everything they hate. So where is the hate crime definition? There is none. Any critical analysis or comments, including pointing out the obvious and not so obvious, like suppressed and censored real history and real facts is hate. Like traditional is radical, truth is revolutionary and radical, contrary with the father of lies and all those who are united in liberalism, globalism, cultural marxism, moral corruption and sin, which is the transgression of the law. So getting rid of the Treason Act is an act of Treason, anything against the only lawful Confederation of 1867, The British North America Act, is against the law, the founding people can enforce their rights with the 1867 Confederation and not the counterfeit illegal 1982 Constitution used by those to commit more crime, treason, genocide and war against the founding people!

So, whitey is left with the need, the right and privilege of "right makes might" or white makes might", but to think it is only about colour, would be wrong. What goes with the colour is race, national and family characteristics, religion or spiritual faculties with moral courage and imperative, the national language, history, present and future mentality and operating environment, fueled with the quest for excellence, super charged by creative culture with drive, vision and ambition, the spirit of co-operation, learning, profession and personal development, which includes individual creative imagination that creates outside and beyond programs, systems and reign of conformity.

All the defence and offense requires conquest of territory and the enemy that seeks to impose lack and limitation, restriction and constraint, the veritable prison with no opportunity, endless rules and regulations made by idiots, imbeciles and the most racistis people of all the, the deceptive and oppressive technocratic super imposed overcontrol by insolent arrogant people that want to do all the thinking and decisions for you, who want to govern, with their right to world government by totalitarian tyranny, how is that for a battlefield? Earth!

We are confronted with the right, duty and privilege to national, industrial and individual self-sufficiency, we need to revitalized our awareness and strategic, operational and tactical abilities in our defense concerning the war against the the family, the bourgeosie, the church and clergy, people with morality and true values, family values, civilized ethics, high culture, real freedom of speech, logic, reason, creative imagination and the kind of vision that is inherent for and with nation building people, the western white Aryan advanced civilization. The real supremacy is the supremacy of righteousness, true values and building a nation with industries, communities, enterprise, families with pricipals that made us and make us great.

What is that exactly? That relates to Peace, Order and Good Government, natural law that can build and sustain a civilized advanced civilization, that offers freedom within the law. This differs greatly from bogus law, or lilberallism liberal fascist law, or the license that enables, augments and amplifies the transgression against the law, real natural and universal law and all those regulations, definitions, and so called rights of the leading auto-destructive liberalism religion of immorality, crime, treason, genocide and war that is engaged in.

We can go forward. Regarding self sufficiency, in this case the ability, resources and infrastructure to design and build aircraft and spacecraft, that includes militiary and defence technology, commercial and general aviation is one example.

Take a look at the ship building industry, a bogus national ship building program for defence, practically given away. Canada had at one time the third largest navy in the world. Canada has the longest coast line in the world, the biggest fresh water lakes in the world and we do no make cruise ships or cargo vessels, and fishing boats, sail boats, luxury yatch, not too many. Yes, some recreational boats, wowee, how ambitious. We could do a lot better, but guess what? We could do a lot better, but guess what once more?

We are confronted with currency warfare and a debt based money creation system that is totally stupid, backwards, retarded, and insufficient for long term nation building, in addition to more super imposed economic, currency overcontrol and economic system that is not for us, and is against us, with the credit war vector scenario and being confronted with breaking the law of economic and monetary physics, in addition to having an economiy and government and nation and nationality high jacked by people who are not real Canadians. Banks and related financial institutions have lots of money for immigrants and faggoty agendas and other entities, they are so "diversified" but next to nothing for straight white people. Look at the takeover of gas stations by "indy and friends" , no shortage of money there either.

Obviously the automobile industry has some problems. No autopact, endless financial give aways, with no conditions, foreign union extortion control and sabotage, socialist traitors who love industrial genocide, plant closings, foundry closings, machine shop and metal works closing, more imported stuff n junk, too much plastics and electronics, parts not made here, with next to no Canadian ownership, control, voting and competitive advantage that leaves us totally vulnerable. Yes, what a dumb Canadian and POS government…

Think for a moment about the machinery and heavy equipment industry, or the tractor and farm equipment industry, what do we make here? Does anyone know? Is there anything wrong with having a successful and profitable mining, metal processing, metallurgy, foundries, machining, welding, painting, electrical, hydraulic, assembly, engineering and adminstrative industries. Vehicles, engines, transmissions, tracks, wheels, we can build it all, right here in Canada!

Consider railroads and related infrastructure that has been decimated, train stations and small towns and rural communities, along with "strategic, operational and tactical advantage." POOF, all gone. We have people honoured for railroad wrecking with the super nation building achievement of….walking trails. Yes, like we need more walking trails with more trees, lakes, mountains and pristine space than just about everyone else in the world. Yes, now we have near endless train cars of "made somewhere else" aka made in china, using our railroad infrastructure to deliver stuff n junk faster to put us out of business totally, yes, obviously the MBA business school is working, they are just too stupid to have Made in Canada. Sell out the country, counterfeit, ripp off and knock off everyone and anyones' stuff, make it next to impossible for enterprise to exist and function and top it off with more government sponsored cultural marxist labour versus management warfare and don't forget "their war aginst the bourgeosie"…obviously "they" have not had too many people tell them to fukkoff, get out and stay out" ….

Obviously, Strategic Enterprise Developments Inc. is a million light years ahead of all the MBA crackerjacks in the country, their corresponding "school of business" lack of patriotic integrity, that if they had, would be a thousand times smarter, maybe they could figure it out, Made in Canada, wow, imagine that, Made in Canada, at a store near you? Probably only a buying group empowered by private investment and development, pure genius, an industrious work ethic, solid character and disciplined work force, people with true values, family values, people that value industry, enterprise, entrrpreneurs, people making high quality products and services.

The anti-Canadian globalist sellout your country and offshore production people exist as they can only get it made for next to nothing, after all, we can't have a super achieving whitey with a paycheque with something to write home about, can we. That would be too humiliating for everyone else, better sell out the country and continue with the crime, treason and genocide business model, yes, MBA, it is what the smart people do. Rip off and knock of products, drive hard bargains, counterfeit stuff, engage in dumping and currency wars, be forced to pay in US dollars, when we could just as easily print our own debt free interest free national currency, instead of paying 65 billion a year in interest. There is nothing quite like some foreigner selling us something we could easily make ourselves, and being forced to pay in someone else's currency. You want someone else's currency, why don't you sell to them. We are not interested in your scam any more! Take that! Oh yes, we know we are engaged in industrial warfare, including proxy industrial warfare, how convenient…we are gathered here today…to understand that we are being plundered, defrauded, and are engaged in active genocide and war against us, the real Canadian, that is, the founding people.

This is made worse with more liberal fascist, cultural marxist media and associated personnel that is anti white, anti straight white, anti founding people, anti entrepreneur, anti free enterprise, anti family, anti Made in Canada. In what appears to be our present reality, divisions exist, political and economic and industrial are only a few. Additionally we have to deal with anti trades, traditional work, anti family traditions. We deal with snobs in government who are actually engaged in crime, genocide, and treason, they are not engaged or operating in or with peace, order and good government, certainly not pro-Canadian.

Additionally, since that is not enough, we are confronted with the "education system" that is engaged in subversion, treason and mind control, in addition to promotion of immorality, the corruption and destruction of true values, family values, Canadian values, with the agenda of stupidity with the dumbed downed citizen, of which we know, stupidity has no limits, people that can't do math, fractions, people that can't function without a damn cell phone, people who get their intel from bogus sources of info trash, fake news and the leaders of tech giants censor industry engaged in warfare of real news, real facts and the ultimate truth.

Yes, now even honest truthful, informative and helpful investigative and even citizen journalism has challenges, even as students are confronted with overwhelming lies, revionist history, subversion, treason and deception of the "cultural marxist school system", they are confronted with an agenda that poisons their body mind, their heart and soul, their excitement for a life that could be full of promise and opportunity, insteady of the poverty, debt, slavery, sickness and stupidity and lost opportunity that is guaranteed with the school system and all their endless bullshit, sexual degeneracy that is more than only sexual warfare against pro-life, pro family, pro-tradition, pro-creation, yes the "Elders" are impressed. The microwave warfare and chemical warfare are also engaged to pollute the soil, food, air, water and all life, good luck having a family now, good luck with the honey bees or anything else, total genocide, the satanic auto destruct sequence multiple war vector scenario is well underway. An individual with spiritual survival value and spiritual faculties is confronted with a magnitude of warfare that goes way beyond anything described in the bible, way beyond that…

In retrospect or a moment of introspection, being defrauded of health, happiness, opportunities or dreams, is not good, or things that could have been but never were, along with all the great things that might exist, be experienced, known or achieved.

Many Canadians know what it is like to be defrauded. We know about the Arrow, the Jetliner, Made in Canada, selling the Canada space arm to Americans, (by conservatives who conserve nothing) selling out the country, some of us know much more, we know about the legitimate and empowering 1867 British North America Act that provided and environment for prosperity, opportunity, vision, wealth and achievement, we know about being defrauded, along with the crime, genocide and treason of the 1982 illegal constitution, we know about traitors in government, we know about all the liberal fascist media, the cultural marxist and all the globalist anti-nation state sovereignty and war against real Canadians, our economic system industry, technology and identity.

Do yourself a huge favour and check out: & & & and find out what has been going on in Canada.

We know about the virtually debt free country we had before some genius traitor wanted to create treasury bonds and endless electronic debt and interest payments, we know our identity has been hijacked, our lives defrauded and future stolen from us. We know about the credit rating scam and all the simultaneous discrimination against real Canadians, straight white males, entrepreneurs, and how others are favoured and promoted above us.

We know how certain people deceive and conspire to commit more crime, genocide and treason, we know about the privatization of crown assets scam works, we know about global cartels and how diabolical treasonous actions of people in government sell us out, betray us, with their sociopathic character.

There is some good news, things to be optimistic about, even though we know what is going on. We can go forward with industrial, economic and political renaissance, transformation and evolution also. This means getting rid of those things that no longer serve us, that are obsolete. A new money system, economic system, a new currency, financial institutions that serve us, not excluding us and favouring immigrant people that hate us.

So, if you desire democracy, the mainstream media needs to be eliminated, along with their subversion, immorality and corruption with their crime, genocide and treason and endless focus on useless and distracting topics and almost unlimited emphasis on distractions, corruption, immorality and endless sports. Take a look at the ownership, control, voting and editing power, analyze what is being said and tear it apart with logic.

Often times people, including everyday real Canadian do not want to talk about money, politics and religion, as they have been trained that way in the highly classified mass media enforced auto censor technique of the inner critic that rejects and invalidates and creates an overwhelming degree of fear of rejection and being labelled, shunned or otherwise, by not conforming to the status quo of do nothing, say nothing, be nothing, criticize nothing, neutralize your potential and reality, (instead
of the freedom of your audacity to express the best of who you are, free to stand tall, be counted, be pro-active, be assertive…. )

Who is not aware of the fact that Canada had very little national debt for the most part until the idea of electronic debt money and treasury bonds with compound interest selling out Canada to globalists, and ruined Canada, thanks to PE Trudeau. Or how about over $200 billion in unfunded pension liabilities? Also the 700 billion national debt, or the other unfunded liabilities, or provincial debt? Are you sure you don't want to talk about basic economics, and money creation? Most of the real tangible M1 money was never created, neither was the money to pay the actually interest, mostly electronic debt, zero capital reserves. What a piece of shit economic system for a country like Canada. Can't talk about it eh? Take the beating and beat down every day for the rest of your life is reserved for those who don't talk about money, politics and religion…check out

In politics, the reality is that it is "Peace, Order and Good Government" which is part of the only legal and legitimate law called "The British North America Act of 1867" versus government and corporate sponsored "Crime, Genocide and Treason" by the 1982 illegal Constitution that defrauds real Canadian, that is the founding people of Canada.

This act of war has its own provision for other acts of war, including proxy war, for multiculturalism, immigration, refugees, more criminals seeking asylum that belong in the asylum of their own hell hole country, with the comforts of their own ghetto that they made. It is Canada that separated from Quebec with all the separatist premieres and mass media totally undemocratic super imposed official narrative that gaurantee real democracy and real freedom of speech and open honest debate and civilized discourse is an impossibility enforced by the ultimate super rascist haters that have learned nothing from history except how to ruin someone else's country and nation and people and economy and industry and culture and civilization faster and easier than ever before with their famous brand "mark of the beast cultural marxist liberalism totaltarionism super imposed garbage of crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality, yes, how is that for political correct, or is that spiritual and moral characteristics politicall correct?

To be more pro active and visionary, please see "

This is the opposite of mainstream liberal fascist news media.