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Is it true people in government can’t do the math, maybe they just want to totally bankrupt Canada, as in total treason and genocide, right?

Why else would 95% of the debt be from compound interest?

Why would 95% of stuff in stores be Made in China? What about being the second largest country in the world with all our resources and power? Can we do better, a lot better? Remember when we had plenty of Made in Canada, solid good paying jobs and careers, something to be proud about?

Why would most of the money not be real M1 money and electronic money created from nothing by banks? Why is this electronic money creation done in total violation of Section 91 & 92 of the Constitution?

Why would you not have debt free money, when it is totally in your power and authority as defined in the Constitution, to have something else, real providence, true long term accounting and wealth producing power working together for prosperity, productivity and creativity? Have you heard of or do you know about the British North America Act? Eh?

It’s easy to make decisions with true values, knowing the difference between right and wrong, and having the courage to do the right thing. One of those things is a proper economic system with real money, where the Bank of Canada is a useful tool, an engine of national economic growth and sovereignty and destiny.

It is amazing, how very few people, organizations or even political parties, talk about the Bank of Canada, the national debt, eliminating compound interest, and nation building at a whole new level. It is mind boggling! Everyone else is stupid by comparison to practice continued economic and national genocide. What would you do if you had $60 billion or more every year to spend and invest?

Canadians are not stupid are they? Are they dumb? Are they not aware and don’t understand something so simple like real money creation, as they have not focused on it, they may have accepted lies and propaganda, or have simply been hypnotized to sleep and non-reaction about it. Oh, maybe that is why europeans call us stupid Canadians, because we own the Bank of Canada and don’t really use it properly, creating real M1 money, we had the honour of PE Trudeau to change all that in 1974, yes, better to export billions of dollars in interest payments than to have sovereign nation state, real power and autonomy. Something they can’t do in the more enlightened Europe, maybe in the UK, unless they like to be terraformed into oblivion...with all the other genocide treasonous maniacs, yes, of course....

To not choose something else much more advantageous, while tolerating people with no vision who can’t do real math, fundamental economics and solid monetary policy, is total personal and national irresponsibility. It is tragic beyond measure, yet everyone needs money, needs more than they have and yet don’t understand real M1 money creation, that is real tangible money, not Treasury Bonds, endless debt and interest being paid out in excess of $60 billion a year, now that’s stupid!

See what the Hon. Paul Hellyer has to say:

Where was he when the liberal government sold out Canada with crime, fraud, genocide and treason? Eh?

Now, a few other resources concerning economics, finance and options to consider...

An awesome primer on money creation and true economics can be found at for your review. You can also check out the Public Banking Institute and the and also review some materials from LETS - Local Exchange Trading System that offers mutual credit and enables three way trade with goods, services, time, lets or green dollars, and any other currency as may be mutually acceptable.

Of course by now, at least after reading about those economic and financial essentials you may realize that the problem exists with debt created money (bonds) and more electronic debt created money, (extremely very little of the real M1 money was created), that is loaned into circulation, charging interest that produces nothing of long lasting nation building wealth production value.

What is enabled is poverty producing poor value, not true values, except for control, terrorism, loss of dignity, loss of independence, loss of control, loss of rights, more poverty, less savings, spending and investment power, the close minded world of credit, more excuses why nothing can be done, more excuses for discrimination, more solidification of control for elites, more financial fraud, more financial disasters, more slavery, erosion and destruction of health and bio-diversity, less relevant options, less imagination, less creativity and less freedom, less opportunity that you can really get excited about as the current system is based on an economic system that is not geared to the success and freedom of the individual.

As you must realize if you are not the perfect slave, good luck, and as for enterprise, they must park massive amounts of cash and have considerable cash flow or revenues rather, so they too can have credit.

Of course if high powered cash is in a straight jacket, just sitting there, of which some of it can be deployed in more productive enterprise, it needs to be freed, liberated and in an environment where it can be productive, that is with people who have imagination, creativity, entrepreneurs and enterprise.

When major financial resources, entities or institutions are directed without a nation building vision, thoughtful intelligent patriotism or even basic economic nationalism, that is having some degree of self-sufficiency and exporting a surplus, then there is a major and massive problem.

The people most unqualified and lacking in vision are often making decision or establishing the criteria or control of money, and are engaged in exporting money to finance other countries to put us at a strategic disadvantage.

The magnitude of disadvantages includes massive currency differences, currency warfare, unrestricted imports, national or provincial regulations or otherwise, biased or fascist anti-nation state media, that is not pro-Canada or pro anything except their own brand, and other economic industrial genocide and war vector scenarios.

These have been very effective at liquidating entire industries, countless enterprise, massive job losses, reduced industrial capacity and the power to make things happen and control or influence our individual and national destiny.

Additionally, more problems are all fuelled with more government and corporate sponsored crime, fraud, genocide and convenient, add to that the attack and erosion of nation state sovereignty by globalism masters of crime, genocide and fraud with corrupted people in government that have no allegiance to Canada or basic integrity, character or true values to do the right thing...

The separatist, dictator, globalist, communist, socialist, marxist et al, does not want you to know about debt free interest free national currency backed up with ultimate Treasury Reserves based on much more than gold, and can include any type or amount or form of materials, metals, minerals, power, time or otherwise. They would not want you to know that the people can create the money, after all, it is the people that supply the job, work, energy, working capacity, character, reliability and integrity to create and enable credit, transactions and deal making, certainly people can create any form of accounting.

How is that for strategic advantage? Ignorance is no excuse, reading this and understanding it will make you one among the smartest most educated people in the world. Using it in your life can be more rewarding, add to your independence, health, prosperity and opportunities that may not otherwise exist. So, back to being pro-active...this means taking action, real tangible action, evidence, progress, a step in the right direction, keep going, don’t let anything stop you! Not even your fear of freedom and acceptance of personal or do not, there is not try.

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