Defence Scenario

Connect the dots down south...
Many people do not know that many people on anti-depressant drugs in the states are the ones going on shooting sprees. They don’t know about staged events, they don’t know about hypnotized or other operatives as part of a covert anti gun anti civil rights agenda, they only know about mass media stories over and over and suffer from trauma based mind control to force people to give up their guns. In the states, many Americans believe that anyone talking about limiting or getting rid of the 2nd amendment should be disqualified from office as they are not defending the Constitution or the fundamental unalienable God given rights.

Connect the global geo-political dots:
Looking at the record of Europe including the UK, Germany, Sweden and so on, whenever and where ever guns were banned, crime sky rocketed, this includes rape and other violence, and the police were not able to help and the people could not defend themselves or have sufficient deterrent to thwart possible criminal activities. In England, as in other countries, the evidence shows massive immigration by criminal terrorist underclass with the bogus free passage within the Eurozone did not provide or require criminal background checks and of course many people had no proper ID or got rid of it, to do what they want en masse. Many were sponsored, or rather financed along their route here and there to corresponding checkpoints in the political move of the destabilisation of society, Germany in particular suffers the most from the invasion of unmentionable hordes and sociopathic betrayal and treason by Merkel, followed by the traitors of France, Sweden and the UK including London.

Genocide, treason and war vector scenarios:
Our experience by observation with the Liberalism government policy and action by extension of the timeline and probability curve parallels the European trauma and tragedy and subsequent censorship by the mass media. This is very predictable, in fact anyone without a conscience is very predictable.

In theory, and presently, Germans may be censored or will not talk about the immigration invasion, the government will annoy them further until it blows up or really gets out of control. The reality is that Germany is primarily for the Germans. Meanwhile someone else does not want Germany to have the Gaz from Russia, to fuel industry and productivity.

The Germans don’t want to act, as everyone will think they are racist and will start something retaliatory or in counter-measures to defend their position and lives, not realizing that anyone anywhere who causes a lot of problems in a country, and in the case of Germany and Austria, with massive ownership of industry, mass media and currency activities previously, for lack of a better word, or mass immigration now, is a major source of injustice that must be rectified. The fact is they have been betrayed and setup, they might need to build a new wall or better fence to keep out the invading hordes. In the end, Merkel and all other enemy traitors and genocide maniac must be dealt with accordingly.

As these things will only lead to division, civil unrest and war, which is what the globalist war mongers like, total destruction. Obviously many people have learned nothing and real history is censored or re-edited like in the States. This relates to Defence and Firearms and Immigration Policy and Economic Monetary Policy. We don’t need or want all that war and fighting. We have other things to do, like build something awesome.

So, evidently this goes full circle and leads back to follow the money, the control of money, proxy wars and other useless endeavours sponsoring more genocide, treason, war, death and profits for someone who has nothing better to do. This is another reason all nation states need to have debt free currency, a sovereign money is a sovereign nation that is self sufficient as an individual can be. It is good for the people and the government. People need to be free independent individuals as this is who ensure the freedom of the nation or country.

Of course elements influencing the human race generate a massive propensity to self destruct, primarily with genocide and war. The United Nations was formed to avoid war, Canada was a signing member. How is it that we engage in the very policies that create an environment that leads to war? More super imposed cultural, economic, industrial suicide and genocide, is evident, this must change into something more life respecting. How is it that the UN is anti nation state sovereignty, mass criminal immigration that leads to the breakdown of society, trust, peace, co-operation, or that diversity is not a strength, but is in actual fact a prelude to division and war.