First Nations & Metis

Evidently, it would be a good idea to end government and corporate sponsored genocide, end resource give away, end the practice of defrauding the people form their wealth and opportunities; end conditional status and other forms of discrimination, people are not meant for reserves, to have their land stolen and be denied and defrauded from their heritage, end enforced poverty agenda, help restore vision, language, tradition and values; compensation structures are something that may need to be rectified.

Additionally, this might seem very controversial, but compensation to Chiefs and Council can be reviewed in addition to the overall providence to people. There are considerable facts that may appear disturbing to some. It would be good to generate more self sufficiency, productivity and revenue streams while vastly improving the quality of life.

Industry, education and more self-sufficiency needs to be promoted, more autonomy can be achieved with vision, co-operation and work. Perhaps private property, even if in trust, may add to the pride of home ownership and personal responsibility towards looking after that, although that is not the current practice. Property cannot be mortgaged. Financing without individual land title must be enabled, even as property leasing at an airport requires building finance, without title.

Waste disposal and recycling needs to be improved every where. Homes need to be renovated because of overwhelming mould problems from vapour barrier problems that was never built right. Individual and community water distillers can be utilized. Upstream pollution from corporations and towns that spew toxic waste and other bio-hazards needs to be rectified. The health of wildlife and people and the environment needs to be looked after.

Secure transportation infrastructure can be promoted, this means all season all weather, especially for remote locations and islands. Obviously more self-sufficiency is essential especially if the government is not really reliable or continues with various sorts of agendas and policies that are not conducive to the well being of First Nations and Metis.

The natural resources in these territories should not be given away to foreigners for lack of a better word, when the communities and people are in dire straights of endless poverty, defrauded from opportunities and wealth that they normally would have, except by the enforced genocide, treason and fraud that is going on against them, to the benefit of someone else that is not entitled to them. Globalist ideas of unlimited wealth extraction is not a good idea for Canada or First Nations and Metis. This must change. The diamond mine issue is just one of the elements that needs fixing.

Additionally, the so called Crown Land, that may be First Nations Land should not ever be terraformed by clear cutting, power dam generating complex infrastructure and other genocidal practices. It may be time for the First Nations to cancel the treaties, take their land back and tax the real infidels. Of course most people would think this would lead to an all out war, or at least increased genocide towards First Nations and Metis people. Obviously, a First Nations & Metis Defence Entity can be created with resources, personnel, training and so on, as the record shows good people will do nothing, bad people will get worse, governments will be a front for criminal organizations, and the First Nations and Metis will continue to be victims of genocide until there is nobody left to own it, control it, live on it and look after it. Just so you know, that is how some people want it to play out, not good, that will not end well if present trends continue or get worse.

Regular Canadians often treat foreigners much better that First Nations & Metis people, this is tragic beyond belief almost, except that some are hated without cause and discriminated against. It is no different that the treatment from some criminal that steals your property and defrauds you from what is yours and plots to end your life. Things could be better. We don’t see anyone really defending First Nations & Metis people do we, except right here and now.

The government should end the practice of deception and genocide, defrauding people of their land and heritage and so on. Restoring tribal, community and family values is essential. This includes a return to more nature related lifestyles. Alcohol and drug problems need to be rectified, as is needed all across Canada.

Globalists like the drug trade, with all the money going through their banks it is no wonder, if someone can wage covert war by genocide to wipe out a civilization, they can take all their land and resources, there will be nothing to stop them. Drugs destroy intelligence, motivation, will power, health, response-ability, initiative and pro-active enterprise. Governments like the alcohol business, it provides record profits, greatly enhanced crime, family, community and race genocide.

This is the history of the human race, not good, we could do better.