Bio-hazards : glyphosate, atrazine, bi-phenals et al, microwave, cellphones, cell towers, wind generating towers, endocrine disruptors, pthalates (receipts & other chemical products), atrazine and glyphosate - gender bending and gender switching chemicals, chemical trails of bio-hazard dumping over cities, ban GMO, the list is incredibly long and this will be included here.

Anyone prescribing Ritalin will be forced to take their own medicine, this may be in jail or otherwise. It is a criminal genocide practice.

The lack of science based tests for mental disorders is astounding.

The reality of the so call attention deficit disorder is that people need Omega 3’s. This is found in coconut oil, flax seed/oil, olive oil and fish oil, basically. People can focus more, be happy and not depressed.

Depression is not solved by anti-depressant drugs. The research shows this increases and causes more problems. In the states this leads to gun shooting events that are not good.

All kinds of education needs to be done, we have a crisis in Canada concerning health. The ministry of Health is not doing their job to the benefit of Canadians in a way that is really state of the art. Take a look at all the damage from vaccines, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, it is mind boggling, life destroying, a genocide death machine with no limits, maiming, disabling, neuro-degenerative not too mention all the other problems of sickness, pain and disability as a result.

Is that what you truly want? We could do better, mainstream fake stream news media will never talk about it and expose it for what it is...

You are better of to go to,,, microwave, or something like that if you are interested to look after your health, since a genocide crime based liberalism party is not going to do a damn thing for your health and independence, eh whitey, nice genocide...

Find out about the microwave genocide machine sponsored by corporate and government crime, treason, genocide and war :

Class Action what to find out who owns the microwave towers, the smart meters, the ultimate bio-weapond of mass destruction? Want to know about the imbeciles and mastermind criminals and sociopathic monsters who want to get rid of "whitey" and destroy all and super impose accelerated aging, sickness, pain and death, or how about the hazards of 5G, what you don't know will kill you…