Immigration and Citizenship

Yes, controversy, reality, tough questions, real issues, not a non-issue to be ignored, let’s see where you stand. Do you stand on guard for Canada, or are you totally contrary to that on the other side of the fence or battle lines?

End national security risks and importing criminals and with those with non-Canadian traditional values, eliminate breech of trust, eliminate the conflict of allegiance, especially governments masquerading as religions, religions masquerading as political parties, treason, dual citizenship invasion and destruction of Canadian Values.

Additionally, we don’t need more arrogant foreigners telling us we are dumb Canadians, we don’t need new immigration investor provisions that are detrimental to Canadian society, we don’t need to drive housing prices through the roof everywhere these people locate. Government should not rely on obscene immigration to increase revenues, when they refuse to use the Bank of Canada properly and engage in anti-Canadian activities.

I & C : eliminate massive non proportional immigration that leads to obscene changes in core Canadian ethnic demographics; eliminate breaking the law on Immigration and Citizenship and contrary to Confederation; and now the governing party is committing more treason and fraud with the latest proposed changes to the Immigration and Citizenship Act, there is nothing in Confederation that authorizes that whatsoever. They are trying to make it so that there is nothing anyone can do about what they are doing now, even if they are not in power. The fanatical obsession of invasion and destruction of Canada and Canadian values by immigration is beyond compare, treason and defrauding Canadians has no limit, to them, that is part of their ultimate quest. If it was any different, we would have the evidence, wouldn’t we?

I & C : Quebec immigration control - anti-Quebec demographic - non-proportional mix, end anti-nation state integrity policies, as ethnic demographics, conflicting values and population tension and risks are extreme; believe it or not about 47% of immigration to Quebec was from Islamic/Muslim demographics, yes that helps, now that is responsible right? So, the Quebec government is not exactly pro-Quebecois is it now? Immigration with anti-Catholic and anti-Christian people, is fundamentally stupid and an act of treason. As a reminder Catholics and Christians are counted as infidels, this means conflicts, violence and war. Ask the real citizens of France, Germany, Sweden and England what they think about all that, as in, How is that working for you? Don’t want to talk do you? Are you terrorized already, afraid for your life?

Why are we importing immigrants that have a national religious governmental track record of persecuting and beheading Christians for thousands of years? This is going on right now? Do you honestly think and believe that is has completely stopped? You are greatly mistaken and deceived, not to mention stupid beyond measure. Oh yes, people and media panic, they say that is or you are intolerant. Is chopping off someones head intolerant? Yes or no? After all, did you not see the video of them practicing and learning to chop of the infidels heads? You would think that maybe with all the Jewish ownership in television, media and newspapers and their massive spy network, that this would be covered a little more thoroughly instead of being suppressed, a non-starter. After all, are not Jews counted as infidels from their point of view? Where does that put everyone else? Maybe read the holy book....and see for your self. Truth or Dare eh?!

It is amazing how immigration from France, whom you might think might be preferred, is out numbered in Quebec by Islam/Muslim (Is Islam a government or not?) Civil code and religious code combined, yes that is a government). So, as we can see, the Federal government grants immigration provisional powers to Quebec, which is normally only a Section 91 Federal power, but with what appears a covert operations to undermine Quebec society and demographics with people that have nothing in common whatsoever except that they speak and write French, not Quebecois obviously. As in yes you have the power, but it is not real power as this is what you are getting, and we rigged it by infiltration and domination so that your Quebecois society will be destroyed. Your nation state distinct identity will be wiped out so we don’t have to hear about it any more, and if you give us a problem, the media and the Islam Muslim bunch can make your life hell, oh yes, independence is possible, with a dictator and radical Islamist people to keep you busy....

Look at the drivers license provisions and the subsequent hazards on Quebec Roads by people that don’t have legit licenses or passed language or Quebec license exams. Yeah, where is your carte du competence now eh? Regarde ou quelque chose comme ça. More government sponsored lies, fraud and crime against Quebec, how is that for stealth warfare and genocide...?

It is remarkable how the Federal government wants to divide Quebec so completely that there is no unified voice, vision and direction followed up with cooperative action, another anti-nation state tactic to improve the odds of getting elected or exercising power by not being elected in one way or another.

In Quebec they think it is a victory that they believe they have Immigration control, when in reality it is a covert operation to destroy it, with everything but proportional demographics. Will anyone else tell them what they are doing? No. Will the mass media controlled by non-Canadians or other elites tell them? No. If it was otherwise, where is your evidence? If anyone does they would be ridiculed, discredited and attacked by contempt, control maniacs, who super impose their version of reality to everyones detriment but theirs. Do you still believe a parliamentary democracy is a democracy? Would you like to try freedom of speech? Tell that to the Editor, the owner, the controller, yes, let us know how you make out with that.

More enforced demographic and nation state genocide, amazing how so many people don’t know what their own government is doing and how completely it has betrayed them. Nobody wants to talk about it, so what about it, the reality of ethnic votes? Eh? It is easy for government to deny democracy to people and a real effective vote, they do it all the time with EDA, rules, regulations and voting demographics of political, national, language and ethnic mix.

Equality without discrimination? Not likely, inequality by discrimination and clever tactics to hide the reality of warfare, fraud, treason and genocide, is more like it, masters. Just go to a major city and find the evidence one way or another, it is there.

So, immigration from the Quebec point of view, c’est pas très Catholique, vraiment or Christian. In case you did not notice there is no assimilation of people with incompatible values, except of the Canadien français people in Canada, who are generally happy to be Canadien ou Canadienne. So much for being bilingual eh? Now, what about real poutine?

I & C : Resolve temporary workers and conflict of interest to against Canadians; this is a problem.
Additionally, we have select industry immigration problems - mining in particular. If we consider the BC mining problem with foreigners claiming they have special training and experience on their brand of equipment, therefore they are indispensable, when in reality their machinery is basically a ripped off version of Caterpillar* or other real equipment, then this is fraud and misrepresentation. Why should over 2,000 BC miners be out of work because of bogus business practice and definitions? Evidently even the Union has difficulties on what to do, while others certainly do not have problems with that solution. Let’s look at other provinces and territories shall we, hmmmm.

Free trade deals that allow foreigners to bring what they want and who they want without limitation is not right, it is another form of stupid trade deals based on fundamental treason, industrial genocide and breach of trust. Naturally, we can’t go to certain other of these countries and do what they do here, can we? Not for a long shot, for a dumb Canadian, that is. Foreigners don’t want equality, they want to dominate, the rules don’t apply, they have more rights than....Canadians, especially after being sold out by the government.

Would you like to be shocked, or do you have shocking news about what the government is doing for Syrians and the like of that? Free houses, computers, tax breaks, massive multiple child benefit bonus, computers, spending money, yes tell that to a Veteran or an ordinary citizen.

Maybe review all the details concerning new immigration and citizenship and pension, health care, time periods etc.

What about proportional demographics equality, not invasion and domination sponsored by a government that sells out the country and does not put Canada and Canadians first;

What about no more bogus and fraudulent citizenship for people who have done nothing for Canada, have nothing in common with our values, principals, fundamental religion, or civilized ethics. In fact, much more can be found elsewhere, but you would be shocked and enraged most likely about what your government is doing to destroy Canada.

Since now you know, “diversity is strength” against the founding people, the real Canadians, diversity is a code word for white genocide, this can include diversity of dairy products to enable, augment and amplify the destruction of the Canadian dairy industry or any industry. Diversity is the tactic of Liberalism which is globalism and represents and is engaged in anti nation state sovereignty. Globalism and Liberalism is against real Canadian values like freedom, faith, family and free enterprise. This includes the family farm, safe, secure supply of nutritious food, which enables happy, healthy and intelligent citizens.

Do you like that now? A little toned down for you? A little more down to earth?

Yes, immigration, the great deal breaker. read more: